Surveyors decry manipulation of land tenure system in Abuja

The Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria has expressed worries over alleged manipulation of land tenure system in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Speaking at a seminar organised by Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria, the FCT branch, the Surveyor General of the Federation, Taiwo Adeniran, explained that land ownership structure was based on the absolute and derivative interests, stressing that this has been the major burden on the practice of surveying in the capital city.

Adeniran stated that the system cannot effectively support private sector-driven enterprises and development initiatives as it creates too much bureaucracy in the documentation of land transactions, land registration and titling in governance.

“It is an institutional framework within which decisions are taken about the use of land.

“There are legal or customary arrangements, whereby individuals or groups or organisations will have access to economic and social opportunities through land,” he said.

Adeniran stated that FCT is part of Northern Nigeria with its peculiarities just like other states of the country before the 1914 amalgamation, adding that there were still some old practices that affect surveying professionals today.

On his part, a consultant, Lawrence Arinola, who spoke on ‘Surveying Practice in FCT, Problems and Prospects,’ explained that data should be generated to ensure internal consistency.

He said there was a need to insert cadastral sheet numbers on survey plans. For him, these should be incorporated in layout/cadastral plan production nationwide warning that geographical information system has become an all-comers affair to the extent that personnel who are unable to differentiate between the north and east are now acknowledged as GIS managers.

The Chairman, Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria, FCT branch, Solomon Olukotun, said all hands are on deck to finding solution to the challenging surveying practice in the country.

“Many fail to accept that surveying is the bedrock of every development. The surveyors of 21st Century should not be limited, or contended with cadastral practice alone, it is high time we look into other untapped jobs like engineering and hydrographic surveying to improve our financial base as business men,” he said.


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