Housing deficit: Tent group offers mortgage protection for off-takers

To address the housing deficit in Nigeria which a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report indicated that presently stood at over 17 million houses, Tent Group Limited is offering mortgage protection for off-takers.

The initiative is to protect the Company’s clients and off-takers from shocks and uncertainties which may arise from job losses, accidents, sicknesses, rendering them incapable of paying for a building.

Chief Executive Officer of Tent Group, Charles Nwakamma-Chukwuemeka, said in such instances insurance companies complete the payment of the building for the group’s customers under this offer.

Chukwuemeka stated that the mortgage protection is one of the things the group is providing free of charge as it pays the premium on behalf of the off-takers.

He said with a vision geared towards easing housing challenges, Tent Group provides classy houses that convincingly match the taste of high net worth individuals, the middle and low-income class Nigerians.

The CEO said, to satisfy clients’ desires and specifications, Tent Group is focused on offering all building types that match prospects’ unique tastes and expectations, from four-bedroom semi-detached duplexes to four-bedroom terraces, five-bedroom detached duplexes, six-bedroom detached duplexes one, two and three-bedroom flats as well as semi-detached duplexes.

For Nigerians in Diaspora and those who wish to key into the exquisite offers, Chukwuemeka said the firm has a platform where prospective homeowners will register, give building type and specification while the firm conceptualises the building to meet the needs of the homeowner.

“We developed a robust thought-out process from conceptualization to initiating projects to meet the needs of Nigerians in Diaspora, understanding the types of housing concepts in demand in the UK, US and others.

“We have a platform where you register. You tell us the type of house you want. We would design it from the conceptualization of the building to meet your needs, and we would build it for you. You would be able to monitor the building from day one to the end of the project because when we initiate the project, we also plan it for you, execute it, and complete the finishing to our client’s taste.

“These are the processes we have put in place. It gives Nigerians in Diaspora a lot of confidence. You know that some of them have confidants like uncles, aunties, brothers, and sisters to whom they sent money in the past, however, do not deliver such homes.

“We have also made it comfortable and convenient for them because they are not paying 100 per cent of the project cost. So, from the time they pay as low as 10 per cent or 20 per cent of the cost, we start building for them”, he stated.

Chukwuemeka assured that, for Nigerians in Diaspora who are willing to come back to the country, the firm also offers rent-to-own apartments, adding that  Tent group clients cut across every sector, especially the corporate world; Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), amongst others.

“We can also build for our client using our funds, then you rent and pay. When you rent this apartment, you are paying for your house. So we know it will take you five years or 10 years as the case may be, to finish paying for the building. These are some of the packages that we have provided, especially for Nigerians and Nigerians in the Diaspora”, he said.

Chukwuemeka decried that real estate firms most of the time wait for five to 10 years to get a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) from the government which according to him is hampering the growth in the sector.

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