Firm pledges adequate shelter for Nigerians

Lagos-based real estate firm, Citadel Views, has restated its commitment to providing adequate housing for Lagos residents. Already it has target to deliver 525 units by 2022.

It stated that the plan would help to elevate the living experience of residents through quality housing solutions with constant power supply.

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Ichechi Okonkwo, who spoke in Lagos said the firm successfully delivered about 580 homes in 2020, adding, that efforts are on to increase housing provision by next year.

According to her, “This illustrates commitment to make high quality living affordable to all through an array of housing options with exceptional features. We believe a home should be more than a residence, it should be a place with the proper infrastructure and environment that enhance people’s capacity to achieve their dreams.”

She said the housing model would focus on sustainable living and deployment of cutting-edge solar energy solutions and biogas sewage treatment system.

The Director of project, Reinder Kamstra, said: “The facilities and buildings are based on design principles that do not sacrifice luxury or comfort for affordability. With a wide range of housing from one-bed cribs to super luxury four-bedroom detached houses.”


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