Adron Homes Lauds, Rewards Exceptional Employees

The firm made this known after its dinner night.

“Over the last six months, activities in the company have been geared towards the maiden day to choose the best directorates and staff of the company who had been diligent in carrying out their deliverables within the workforce, hence giving the company a good reputation and desired result in many areas of evaluation.

“The directorate’s weekly challenge was introduced to give every staff and directorate an equal opportunity to participate in various strategic thinking, innovations, and delivery to help the company plan well for another 10 years’ goals.

“Different strategies, contributions, and innovations were drawn from various directorates and winners were picked for the maiden day celebration and appreciation of the staff after diligently participating in the challenge for over 16 weeks,” it said.

The event was laced with a carnival, fashion, and drew out many celebrities from the entertainment industry with varying performances to light up the night.

Climax of the event was a Dubai first-class summer vacation gift to the 10 best staff which is going to last for five days and a two-bedroom luxurious apartment gift to the Director of the winning directorate with N28,500,000 market value as appreciation while other consolation prizes were given to many others.

The company’s Group Managing Director, Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, accompanied by his wife, who serves as the Executive Director (finance) of the real – estate giant, Yeye Aderonke EmmanuelKing, were presented the innovation award of the year and corporate governance award by the workers.

The GMD while expressing his gratitude to the staff for their support and steadfast over a decade of the company’s establishment said, “All these giant strides, innovations, and pacesetting venture achieved by the company wouldn’t have become a reality without the support and diligent hard work of the staff, so for these, I dedicate this award you all gave me and wife back to you as a way of appreciating all of your good deeds.”

He then presented a prize cheque of N10,000,000 to the winning directorate of the company and made clear the company’s continuous appreciation and recognition of diligent staff as it embarks on another decade’s journey.


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