20 Benefits of Attending 15th International Housing Show in Abuja, Nigeria

Many people in the building and construction do not realize that attending the 15th Abuja International Housing Show can be to their benefit. What they don’t know is about the wealth of information that is made available.

There is also a chance to meet and learn from people who are knowledgeable in the housing sector. Below you’ll find reasons why you should attend the 15th Abuja International Housing Show, taking place from the 26th to 29th July 2021.

1. Abuja International Housing Show deserves to be in your 2020 budget plan because your participation will give you value for money.

2. Opportunity to introduce new products and meet the right buyers.

3. Testimonies from attendees have confirmed that there is no other platform in Nigeria that brings together, people from different political divides, backgrounds, professionals from the construction sector and other sectors to come together and chart a new course for the housing sector.

4. Over the years, companies who are leading brands in the housing industry, have competed to be among the sponsors.

5. The event has paraded the highest number of professionals and government functionaries, including; the Vice-President, the Senate President, State Governors, Ministers, Members of the National Assembly, and entrepreneurs among others.

6. The event has paraded a lot of resource persons from international organizations such as, the World Bank, African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF), UNHabitat among others.

7. The Abuja International Housing Show has the support and endorsement of the organizations and brands, in charge of the implementation of policies in the Nigerian housing sector.

8. The Abuja International Housing Show is the promoter of Housing TV, housing development program on AIT and NTA, housing time on Ray power and owner of the largest housing news portal. It’s a guarantee that your participation will get excellent exposure and massive publicity.

9. The Abuja International Housing Show creates opportunities for the exchange of ideas and proffering of solutions to various barriers to housing development.

10. The event creates opportunities for direct engagement with financiers and potential partners and investors from outside Nigeria.

11. Opportunities to make direct sales, direct buying at discounted rates and getting good deals with a mortgage bank or estate developer.

12. The event provides opportunities for attendees to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones.

13. The Abuja International Housing Show enables you to get relevant information that is specific to solving your business struggles from professionals in the housing sector.

14. Opportunities to expose yourself and organization to new options of housing finance.

15. At the Abuja International Housing Show, you have the opportunity of meeting with most states’ governments and housing related agencies in Nigeria.

16. Discover best practices and new methods for improving efficiency in all areas of the home with construction demos led by top building science experts.

17. Exhibition of contemporary-modern roof designs, furniture and new innovations in building technology.

18. Share in the excitement as we celebrate 15 years of innovation, and help us honor the best of the best during our National Housing Awards.

19. The Abuja International Housing Show, is held in a fantastic location in the heart of Abuja. There’s tons to see and do after the show in the beautiful city of Abuja , the nations capital.

20. Connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts in, workshops, round-table discussions and networking events.

Source: African Housing News

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