16th Africa International Housing Conference And Exhibition Starts Today

The long anticipated 16th Africa International Housing Show (AIHS), which is Africa’s largest construction and Exhibition event, kicks off today.

Over 15, 000 participants from Nigeria and beyond are expected to grace the annual event. About 450 companies will be at the conference to exhibit. Roughly 15 of them are foreign companies with great reputations, who have made and are still making a great impact in the built and construction industry.

The AIHS conference is also home to housing industry social networks, movers and shakers in the construction industry, and even home developers.

The list of exhibitors, aside from Nigerians and Africans, hails from as far away as the United Kingdom and Pakistan, with hefty delegations representing them.

The event looks forward to continuing to facilitate multilateral dialogue, foster multi-stakeholder engagement and enable deal making for many more years to come.

“Indeed, at a time of such pressing need for housing affordability and sustainability in Nigeria, it is critical that AIHS also adapts not only its narrative but what it stands for.

AIHS 2022

“AIHS is always a great opportunity for us to network, look for new technologies and think about how we can make the industry safer and more productive. We’ve had some really interesting conversations in the last 15 years of this event which has yielded tremendous success, and that’s more reason while the toll of our subscribers keeps increasing on a yearly basis.

“The introduction of the ‘AIHS CONNECT’, a mobile app specially created to help ease interaction among participants at the event will enable a much more robust and integrated conversation around how Nigeria can truly galvanize its universal housing mix. It will also engage and leverage a wider audience of stakeholders, financiers, investors and private sector across the entire construction and housing spectrum”, said Festus Adebayo, the AIHS Coordinator.

The event, which is taking place in Abuja from July 25-28, with the theme; ‘Housing for all: The role of Government in providing an effective enabling environment’ will feature more than 35 speakers from different parts of the world, showcasing the innovation and expertise that exists across the housing industry.

Source: Africahousingnews

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